The 122nd Granddaddy of them all / by Shawn Clark

It has been 30 or so years since I last attended Cheyenne Frontier Days. The last time I was there was to help my best friend, Kori, whom was competing in the barrel racing. Its been almost 25 years since I last spoke to her. Not because we had any falling out but because she went to high school a year before me and discovered, "BOYS".

This time, I attended with my parents, sisters and (very soon to be) 4 year old son. I had an amazing time watching him as he watched the bronco riding and the bull riding. But what really blew his mind was the barrel racing! I asked him later what his favorite part was and he lit up talking about how fast the horses were going and how they spun around the barrels. It was a nice twist that the winner was from our Colorado home town.

For most of these shots, my son was either on my shoulders or on my lap. While that made it hard to shoot and I certainly missed shots I would have otherwise captured, these images hold much more significance for me because he was integral to the capture and even shot a few himself (but not displayed here). 

The 122nd Cheyenne Frontier Days, Cheyenne, Wyoming - July 21st, 2018

Bull Rider #3

Bull Rider #3