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A camera is my primary tool:

To Engage.

To Explore.

To Reflect.

To Record.

To Share.


Shawn Clark

Photo by Miriam.

I remember the moment I realized I wanted to be a fine art photographer, and the exact image that brought me there. I was studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Photography. My decision to study Forensic Photography was a perfect blending of my law enforcement background and my love for photography. I shot the image from my car while stopped at a red light, and I knew instantly it was something special. When the print emerged from the color processor — a store owner in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami, Florida cleaning the sidewalk in front of her store, framed by the large steel door that protected her establishment, which is now gone — I realized my viewfinder was a window to a whole new world around me. My camera became a tool to explore the world, and an extension of who I am.

My first experience as a professional photographer was during 1997 when I was employed as an Executive Protection Agent and tasked with conducting surveillance of off-duty, uniformed police officers during several street festivals to verify they were providing the services the City required the organizer to pay for from the police department. During the next several years, I began to expand into other areas of photography, especially landscape and street photography.

Currently, I am working in two areas of the photographic industry. First, I have been operating Versatile Light, LLC since 2010. We provide photographic services and fine art sales to a variety of clients. Additionally, since 2013, I have been working at UHealth, the medical school of the University of Miami. First, as an Ophthalmic photographer at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. Now, within the Enterprise Imaging group of the IT department where we are redefining visible light imaging and archiving for medical use. Our group of three has responsibilities that include development of applications and standards, camera testing and development, teaching photography and best practices to doctors and medical staff, and managing over 60 servers and 4 applications used by over 1,300 users.