Jazz Band Performance Portraits. by Shawn Clark

When I shoot concerts, especially Jazz concerts, I love to do performance portraits. Performance portraits are not just pictures of someone playing an instrument or singing. Every shot is that. The moments I search for are the ones in between the notes when the artist’s personality really shines through their instrument. When the artist is fully in the moment of the music . When Jazz becomes the air that carries the breathe of those experience the performance: from the stage. from the audience. Or through the camera.

Outtakes: Production ad shoot by Shawn Clark

I recently did some shots in a recording studio for an ad and website. During several fo the shots, I had to drag the shutter to 1/4 second or so to get the lights of the recording board to show up. I have been shooting many of my street images with movement and have come to seek it out for my personal work.

Fortunately, I had a great cast and crew to work with and we also got the “solid” shots we needed….